Dragon Zone Staff

Kim Adams - Program Director

Kim Adams has been program director of Dragon Zone Childcare and Camps since the spring of 2008. Kim excels at designing environments in which children can safely learn and explore. With over 25 years of experience educating and operating preschool/childcare centers as well as a degree in Creative Arts from San Jose State, Kim has a rare understanding of the ways in which children perceive and interact with their world.  Kim owns and operates a preschool in Palo Alto. Kim has led workshops and trainings on creativity and curriculum both locally and nationally and is a certified Positive Discipline Parent and Classroom Educator.
Kim enjoyed being an active member of the LVCS parent community from its beginning. Kim identifies herself first as a mother, and uses what she has learned as a mom to partner effectively with families and the community.  

Sharlee Solis- Dragon Zone Site Supervisor

Sharlee has been working in the field of Child Development since 2006.  Sharlee began her work at Dragon Zone in the winter of 2008 and is an outstanding member of our team. Sharlee took on the position of Site Supervisor in the summer of 2013. The children, families, and staff enjoy Sharlee’s friendly and charismatic personality. In the future, Sharlee plans to continue her work in childcare or a related field. Some of Sharlee’s hobbies include running, reading and social event planning.


Lena Barta- Dragon Zone Teacher and Adminsitrative Assitant

Lena has been with Dragon Zone since its beginning. Her work keeps her busy inside the classroom and out. Lena has worked in the field of  child development since 1999 and has loved every minute of it. Something special Lena brings to D.Z. would be her love and affection towards kids. Children and adults alike respond well to Lena’s kind and gentle spirit. Lena is happily married and enjoys being a mother of a young adult daughter. She has 2 pet Chihuahua’s named Sweetie and Noname. Her hobbies and interests include shopping, hiking and spending quality time with her family.

Gina Bartlett-Dragon Zone Teacher

Gina Bartlett has lived in Livermore most of her life. Growing up here has given her a special understanding of this exceptional community. Gina has been teaching at Dragon Zone since September 2007. Gina attended college at Las Positas. She has two wonderful boys that keep her going non-stop. Something special Gina brings to DZ would have to be her happiness and understanding of the kids. Gina enjoys working with children and communicating with their families.

Danielle Bodemann-Dragon Zone Teacher

Danielle joined the Dragon Zone team in October 2014. She is a full time student at California State University East Bay where she is studying communications. Danielle enjoys hiking, shopping and spending time with her fmily and friends. Danielle loves working at Dragon Zone with this gread group of kids, families, and staff.

Eric Folsom- Dragon Zone Teacher 

Eric joined the DZ team in the summer of 2008. Eric holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from San Jose State University. He enjoys running, soccer, backpacking, and playing the guitar. Eric brings enthusiasm and creativity to his work at Dragon Zone. The children relate to his sense of humor and his gentle demeanor. Working at Dragon Zone has been a great experience for Eric, and he hopes to continue working at Dragon Zone for many years to come

Allie Garcia- Dragon Zone Teacher

Sonya Gonzalez-Dragon Zone Teacher

Sonya joined the Dragon Zone team in July of 2014, she has been working with children since 2008. Sonya enjoys creating an environment where her kids can be creative feel like part of a community with other classmates. In her free time Sonya enjoys reading and being active and encourages her students to do the same. 

Christina Nemanich-Dragon Zone Teacher

Alexandra Rule- Dragon Zone Teacher

Raney Shimozono-Dragon Zone Teacher

Raney has been a part of the Dragon Zone team since September 2012. Raney is attending California State East Bay where she is studying Liberal Arts. Raney enjoys spendijg her free time with  her 

Raney has been a part of the Dragon Zone team since September 2012. Raney is attending Las Positas College and California State East Bay where she is studying Liberal Arts. Raney enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends. Raney's dream is to be a 4th grade teacher to continue to help children grow and develop.

Luisa Guzman- Dragon Zone Staff

Luisa has been a part of the Dragon Zone team from the beginning! Luisa is our resident "mom", enhancing our program with her nurturing and service-minded attitude.  The children enjoy the snacks Luisa prepares, and the staff always appreciates her efficient management of the DZ kitchen.

Sammie Almaguer- Dragon Zone Aide / Zone Staff

Samantha Davis- Dragon Zone Aide

Nick Held-Dragon Zone Aide

Gustavo Lomas- Dragon Zone Aide

Bonnie Oellrich- Dragon Zone  Aide

Chris Shirley-Dragon Zone Aide

Chris joined the Dragon Zone Team in our first year.  Chris finds time in her busy schedule working as an instructional aide at Joe Mitchell Elementary School, tutoring, and being a mom, to work at Dragon Zone twice a week.  The children and families enjoy Chris' loving and approachable nature.