School Council

We will educate K - 8 students by fostering the development of each child’s analytical ability, social skills and creativity.


School Council will serve as one of the many ways parents can be involved with the governance and operations of the school by serving as a forum for voicing their concerns and suggestions about both day to day operations and overall policy. Translators are provided when needed.

The School Council shall act in an advisory capacity with respect to the Board and shall report to the Board at its regular meetings, as required by the Board.  From each School Council, the majority of the TVLC Board of Directors is comprised.  Each individual School Council will promote/appoint up to two members of the TVLC Board of Directors.

The School Council shall have a minimum of five and a maximum of 11 voting members.  Appointments to the School Council shall be made by the parents and guardians of students enrolled at the school. School Council members shall be elected in the fall of each year for a three year term. A parent or guardian’s entitlement to vote for the members of a School Council shall be contingent upon having a child enrolled in the Charter School that the School Council represents in the applicable academic year. Parents and guardians entitled to vote at each annual election shall be determined based on the records of the Corporation as of September 1 of each academic year. There shall be one vote per student enrolled in the Charter School in the applicable academic year, allotted to the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of each enrolled student.

  • Members


    Jaime Colly:   Principal

    Ad Hoc

    Julie Shamblin:   Parent  (November 2017) 

    Political Advocacy Committee, Special Education

    Mark Cygnet: Teacher (November 2016)


    Ad Hoc

    Dave Goulart: Parent (November 2017)

    TVLC, Coffee with the Principal

    Dave Farley: Parent (November 2017)


    TVLC, PTO, Budget, Website

    Emily Prusso: Parent (November 2017)



    Sara Carver: Teacher (November 2016)

    Ad Hoc

    Carolyn Trinta (November 2018)


    Ad Hoc, CCEF, Outreach Committee

     (November 2018)

    Political Advocacy Committee, Recognitions

    Diana Wyland:  Teacher (November 2016)


    Ad Hoc