Mission and Vision


Mission Statement

The Choice for Children Education Foundation will develop and maintain substantial financial resources and community support to assure that Livermore Valley Charter School fulfills its mission of excellence in education through competitive choice.

C.C.E.F. will develop active corporate, business, community and educational partnerships to assure strong interest and investment in the success of L.V.C.S.


Message from the President of C.C.E.F.

Dear LVCS Community,

My name is Steve Wyosnick.  I am the newly appointed CCEF President for the 2011-­2012 school year. I was motivated to accept the position on one simple premise: I believe that the health of our community often depends on the quality of our children’s educational experience.

Although we are a Public Charter School, we are funded at a substantially lower level than other public schools in the district. In fact, this year we are funded at ~$1,168 less per student. As a result, we have to rely on both outside donations and good stewardship with our budget to close the gap.

In the past 2010-­2011 school year, CCEF helped raise $390K……and over $2M since inception!

  • ~$231K or ~$211 per family from our Annual Fund Drive (AFD)
  • ~$149K from our all Volunteer Weekly Bingo Events
  • ~$10K from Special Events such as our Golf Tournament and Salsa Festival

CCEF funds went directly to the following LVCS programs:

  • Music and Art programs
  • Access to technology in every classroom
  • Math and Reading Remediation Specialists
  • Full-time Librarian staffing
  • Campus supervision and counseling staff

CCEF is now being asked to help bridge the current 2011/2012 funding gap of ~$1.1 million dollars. As a business person, I am a firm believer in Organization, Communication and Execution! As a result, I have outlined the following goals for 2011/2012 to help us bridge this gap:

  1. Collaboration -­ This is a team effort and I have invited more stakeholders to get involved with strategic planning and feedback to meet our goals. The monthly meetings will soon be listed on our CCEF website.
  2. Open and Honest Communication -­ I encourage feedback and new ideas. You will never hurt my feelings!
  3. Annual Fund Drive (AFD) -­ We have revamped the approach, education, and tracking of our most important funding.
  4. Bingo -­ An enormous thank you to parent Sandy Collier and her dedicated 72 volunteers! Sandy has overseen the operations for the past three years. CCEF will help solidify the Bingo volunteer base and create new marketing avenues for our second most importantfunding.
  5. Website -­ We plan to revamp our website to make it more organized, educational and interactive.
  6. Special Events -­ We will set up committees in advance to plan for future events.
  7. Corporate Sponsors -­ We plan to explore new avenues to attract and inspire Corporate Donors.
  8. Board Positions -­ I would like to personally acknowledge the dedication, hard work & contributions of our outgoing President and current Board Members who have volunteered beyond their two-­year commitment. Specifically:
  • Parent -­ Jill Zolkos, 2009/2010 & 2010/2011 President
  • Parent - Colleen Wortham, Current CFO
  • Parent -­ Teresa Tagilman, Current Secretary
  • Parent -­ Kathy Clapp, Current Director at Large

These current board members have completed their terms and we are looking for new members for these positions and the possibility of additional ones. If you are interested in implementing & executing our strategic goals as a working board member, please contact me: info@LivermoreCCEF.com


Thank you for your time, support and feedback in advance,

Steve Signature.jpg                   

      Steve Wyosnick, President                                                               

September 2011