What is the Choice for Children Education Foundation?

The Choice for Children Education Foundation (C.C.E.F.) is the non-profit foundation formed in 2005 that is dedicated to raising the essential funds necessary to provide the programs and learning environment for the children of the Livermore Valley Charter School (L.V.C.S.). C.C.E.F. raises money for L.V.C.S. through an Annual Fundraising Drive (A.F.D.) and other fundraising events such as an annual Golf Tournament, the Salsa Festival, other Gala Events and our critical weekly Bingo program that is held every Sunday afternoon and evening at The Bingo Ranch in Livermore.


What program(s) are supported by my donation(s) to the Annual Fundraising Drive?

All funds donated to the A.F.D. and raised through C.C.E.F. are used solely to support the operational budget and educational programs at Livermore Valley Charter School, and are even restricted to the following programs:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Remediation
  • Global Language
  • Primary Science
  • Library
  • Technology

Does the purchase of the new school facilities affect the L.V.C.S. operational budget? Would the school still need this level of donations if the purchase was postponed?

The purchase of the new school facilities has no affect whatsoever on the L.V.C.S. operational budget for the 2011-2012 school year. Even if the purchase was postponed, L.V.C.S. would still need this level of donations. Donations to the A.F.D. make up the difference between what it costs to run the charter school at its current level of excellence, and the money provided to the school by the state of California.


How can I donate?

Donations to the Annual Fundraising Drive can easily be made by going to the C.C.E.F. Home Page and click on the Donate Now button on the right hand side of your screenDonations can be made at one-time or on a recurring (monthly) basis. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law. Our Tax ID is #20-1852481.

The A.F.D. program has several levels of participation, but our suggested minimum is $1,200 per student annually, which is the cost difference per student between state funding and the cost for L.V.C.S. to provide its enriched, educational programs. Consider that a $1,200 annual donation translates to only $3.29/day to sustain the excellence in education that distinguishes L.V.C.S. from all other area schools.

Our A.F.D. program offers the following donation options to choose from:

  • A yearly donation of $1,200, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or an amount of your choice via check, credit card or PayPal.
  • A recurring monthly donation of $100 or an amount of your choice via credit card or PayPal.
  • Employer Matching funds
  • Family and Friends donations

Any amount is helpful and appreciated, as your donation directly impacts the quality of your child's educational experience.


How does donating to C.C.E.F. differ from donating to the P.T.O. at L.V.C.S.?

Both C.C.E.F. and the P.T.O. are critical fundraising organizations for L.V.C.S. and we would not be the school that we are without the amazing efforts and support from both organizations!

Your donations to the A.F.D. and C.C.E.F. are used to directly support the L.V.C.S. operational budget in areas such as:

  • Teacher salaries for art and music programs
  • Teacher salaries for math and reading specialists
  • Full-time library staffing
  • Classroom technology
  • Salaries for campus supervisors and counseling personnel

Your donations to the P.T.O. go directly to the classrooms to help teachers provide the learning programs and
engagement that makes an education at L.V.C.S. so extraordinary. Examples of what P.T.O. donations fund are:

  • Guest performances at school-wide assemblies
  • Classroom field trips and activities
  • Library books
  • Musical instruments
  • After school enrichment clubs
  • Specialized educational programs requested by teachers
  • ...and more!

Tell me again what makes L.V.C.S. so unique?

We are so glad you asked! 

LVCS opened its doors on August 31, 2005 to 582 Kindergarten-6th Grade Students. LVCS is the product of roughly 18 months of hard work by a group of about 100 dedicated parents, teachers, and adminstrators. The impetus for creating LVCS was choice for children, as is reflected in the name of our foundation, the Choice for Children Education Foundation (C.C.E.F.). This group of people dreamed of an education for children that encompassed more than just the core curriculum, while focusing with laser precision on the skills that would make children competent citizens and life-long learners.

We dreamed of an education that included small class size, enrichment in the areas of art, music, physical education, science, and foreign language, and a curriculum driven by the most current research in education. We sought to include parents and families as an integral part of L.V.C.S. from day one, and in fact the families literally toiled for a month's time upon occupation of our school site on August 1, 2005 until opening day, making the school a magnificent showpiece and a warm, lively, and inviting campus for students, parents, staff and visitors alike.

Just a few of the unique elements of our school include:

  • Small class size. 20:1 in grades K-4; 27:1 in grades 5-8
  • 100% of our faculty are credentialed teachers
  • Six Year Accreditation approved by the Accrediting Commission for Schools of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • A high attendance rate averaging above 96%
  • A waiting list of 650+ students
  • On-site counseling program
  • Commitment to incorporating technology into the curriculum, including the middle schoollaptop program
  • Dedication to involving parents in all aspects of the school

Thank you, our parent community, for being a supportive partner in your child's education.