Board of Directors


Board of Directors for 2011-2013

Voting Member          Position                   Effective Date             Email Address

Steve Wyosnick           President                      4/18/2011

Paige Kuempel             Secretary                     12/14/2011

Frank Abigana             Chief Financial Officer     10/19/2011

Curtis Denton             Director at Large           10/19/2011

Alan Heckman             Director at Large           10/19/2011

Ann Manley                 Director at Large          10/19/2011

Brian Smith                Director at Large           10/19/2011

James Smith               Director at Large           10/19/2011


With extra special thanks to the other "independent" (non-voting) members of our team, including...

  • Marianne Hamilton, Bookkeeper                             
  • Sandy Collier, Bingo Coordinator                           

Finally, very special thanks and appreciation to those that have served on the Board in the past, including...

  • Jill Zolkos, former President
  • Colleen Wortham, former CFO
  • Teresa Gilman, former Secretary
  • Kathy Clapp, former Director at Large