Board Committees


Annual Fund Drive Committee

James Smith                  Committee Chair                               


Bingo Committee

Alan Heckman                Committee Chair                                 

Sandy Collier                 Bingo Coordinator                             


Corporate Donor & Sponsorship Committee

Ann Manley                  Committee Co-Chair                                

Curtis Denton              Committee Co-Chair                             

Bill Batchelor                Special Consultant to the Committee    

Julie Lassig                  Special Consultant to the Committee  


Finance Committee

Frank Abigana               Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer       

Marianne Hamilton          Bookkeeper                                 


Gala Event Committee

...To Be Determined...


Golf Tournament Committee

Curtis Denton                Committee Chair                               

Ann Manley                    Committee Co-Chair                            

Brian Smith                    Committee Chair's Whipping Post         

Bill Batchelor                  Special Consultant to the Committee 

Julie Lassig                    Special Consultant to the Committee

Len Di Giovanni              Special Consultant to the Committee

Don Rizzo                     Parent Volunteer

Brian Eisenbise              Parent Volunteer

Scott Winter                 Parent Volunteer

Charlie Roter                 Parent Volunteer

Dana Mesarchik             Parent Volunteer

Angela Rose                 PTO Board Member & Parent Volunteer

Lillian Stein                   PTO Board Member & Parent Volunteer

Cathleen Parsons-Snell  PTO Board Member & Parent Volunteer

Muriel Burns                 Teacher

Heidi Preece                  Teacher & Parent Volunteer

Mary Wyosnick              Teacher & Parent Volunteer


Communications Committee

Brian Smith                   Committee Chair